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DSA Legal Representative

DSA Legal Representative

What is the Digital Services Act?

The Digital Services Act (DSA) aims to create a safer and more responsible online environment by requiring digital service providers to uphold consumer protection and transparency.

What are the key goals of the Digital Services Act?

The DSA protects consumers and their fundamental rights online by setting clear and proportionate rules. It promotes innovation, growth and competitiveness and facilitates the development of smaller platforms, SMEs and start-ups. It rebalances the roles of users, platforms and public authorities in line with European values and puts citizens at the center.

Which businesses need to comply with the DSA?

The DSA distinguishes between intermediary service providers (mere conduit service, caching service, and hosting service), online platforms, online search engines, very large online platforms or search engines.

What is a DSA Legal Representative?

According to Article 13 of the Digital Services Act (DSA), providers of intermediary services (= providers of caching, hosting or transmission services) established outside the European Union but offering services in the Union must appoint a legal representative (= DSA Rep) in one of the Member States in which the provider offers its services.

What are the tasks of the DSA Rep?

Depending on the mandate, the DSA Legal Representative may be contacted by the competent authorities, the Commission or the European Board for Digital Services, alone or jointly with the provider, on all matters relating to ensuring compliance with the Digital Services Act. Intermediary service providers must provide the DSA Legal Representative with the necessary powers and sufficient resources to ensure efficient and timely cooperation with the relevant authorities.

The DSA Legal Representative may be held liable for non-compliance with obligations under the DSA, without prejudice to the liability and legal actions that could be initiated against the service provider.


What other services can CYBERLEGIS offer you?

In addition to being your DSA Representative, CYBERLEGIS can act as your

  • Single point of contact for Member States’ authorities, the Commission and the European Board for Digital Services (article 11 DSA)
  • Single point of contact for users of your service (article 12 DSA)



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