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Robert Niedermeier

Lawyer (CIPP/E – CIPT – CIPM -FIP)
Attorney at Law


+49 (0) 89 20 300 64 22


Managing Director at cybelegis.legal a law firm specialising in data protection, data privacy and cyberrisk. Since 1990, Robert Niedermeier has been working as an attorney-at-law, a counsellor and an external data protection officer. He works on issues of legal, technical and organizational matters with respect to data protection and IT security. As a member of the board of directors of the European Institute for Computer Anti-Virus Research (EICAR) www.eicar.org he debates with the IT security industry on current legal issues as an interface role for information technology.

CYBERLEGIS.legal is the chancellering law firm to Data Business Services GmbH & Co. KG a company providing external Data Protection Officers to businesses all over Europe.

Projects / Track Record

  • Since 1991 external data protection officer, group data protection officer in medium and large-sized global corporations, especially IT, software, healthcare, music industry, postal service and logistics
  • Practices as a data protection officer in all European countries except Slovakia
  • Design and approval of Processor-BCRs for Europe (Dutch DPA)
  • Data protection counselor at a German energy company
  • Data protection counselor at a publishing company
  • Regulation of liability for IT security in an airline company
  • Global deployment of homogeneous IT security structures (content security information manual)
  • Developing and implementing an IT data security concept for an airport
  • Data protection counsellor for a TV network